Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Spice of Life?

So, the past few months have seen me...

sitting my end of year exam (don't even ask!)
heading off to festivals (well it is the summer!)
and spending time in Manchester taking in the sights, sounds, and vibe of the city.

I've been writing too. I've finally got my writing head back on and find that I just can't stop writing about the things that really matter, heartfelt observations of 'life'... and too. I'm especially caught up in the issues of the Manchester spice epidemic; an insidious drug that leaves people like zombies and is so endemic in the city center that folk just walk past as if the afflicted are invisible.

Good news comes in the form of acceptances of a poem about the first woman of colour recorded as a barmaid/courtesan in Londons West End in the 1700's. This will be published by Smeuse in the autumn - September I think. The poem is an erasure and I'm sure it'll look fab in the publication... can't wait to see it in fact.

More good news is that I have had 5 poems accepted by Otoliths, one about a family member who died recently and another about the spice problems - both using unusual formatting so doubly pleased that they have found a good home.

I'll be posting links as and when all the above are published.
It's good to be back!!!

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