Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Un.... Unreal or Unreality?

 The strange malady has struck…

summed up by comparisons
of day and night.

In dreams
we are anything
                       strange creatures wandering
                                      where the mind wishes
                                                   achieving diverse ambitions;
By day something -
ourselves perhaps -
stymies, confines, quashes.

I do not call it reality.

It is the un-reality,
a learned ‘other’ existence
fallibility bent
to extraneous
overriding determinations to put

Is it conformity, a need
to be
 ‘good’, a frailty
of mind
that seeks negation
in an effort to be a false ideal,

Perhaps it's merely a dilatory nature…….

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Heart Boxes


If hearts
were empty boxes
would you fit them
into a drawer
and close it?

If they were
scattered on tables
would you mistake them
for detritus, tut, shake your head,
throw them in the bin instead?

Would you wonder
if they might come in useful,
stack them on a shelf to gather dust
like everything else there?

Would you see them as
receptacles for precious things
you’ll never part with,
remember them when sea glass
or pebbles need a home

and fill them with your love?

Monday, 4 July 2016

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Tulips Were Not From Amsterdam. ;-)

A big ‘thank You’ to Reuben at I Am Not A Silent Poet for publishing my poem ‘Broken Tulips’ about the massacre at Ataturk Airport.

I didn’t know that people were unaware that tulips are the national flower of Turkey – most think they come from Holland. They were in fact highly prized firstly as a symbol of luxury and then developed other connotations, including religious ones. I dedicate the poem to the people of Turkey and especially the Shefik family.