Friday, 29 April 2016

Spiders buying bicycles and escaping the rat race! ;-)

Today was the last day of my course... at least as far as lessons to and fro and tutor marked assignments. I am now at the phase where I put everything together, decide which of the taught forms I want to submit my end-of-course assignments in and then get to work on producing it / them.

I have already decided that I'll be focussing on poetry - no surprises there - but what the focus of my efforts will be is still a matter of my ever-changing concerns. So while I'm dithering I've made another spine poem and mocked up an image to illustrate it - without strings of onions - and am now off to power walk my way around the town while I think.

another spine poem
       three sheets to the wind
      a spider bought a bicycle
      a breath of French air
      stopping places
      left bank
      French postcards

Three Sheets To The Wind, Pete Brown
A Spider Bought a Bicycle, Michael Rosen
Stopping Places, Simon Evans
Left Bank, Kate Muir
French Postcards, Jane Merchant

Monday, 25 April 2016

Spine Poem

ln the wolf's mouth
losing battles
the ring master's daughter
the whole woman
all passion spent
exquisite corpse
When I began studying with the Open University some three years ago I had no idea that my life would be quite so changed by the experience. I had been on course to study an open degree – one where you can choose modules from a wide range of subject areas – focussing on heritage studies with computing.

I was a trustee at a small museum and it seemed to me that this was the best way to help it modernise and move forward. However, I’m not studying creative writing and my next module is the history of art as that was what my heart said to go with.

This change of direction has been quite dramatic and the creative writing has taken me to a whole new world, one that I’d dreamt of inhabiting in the past but hadn’t quite believed I could move to.

So, this is my paper cut blog in response to the wonders of how my encounters with paper have cut, how I have cut it and my journey through this new paper world.